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We are very glad you have chosen Rowan Grove to be your home during your stay at Western Washington University. We want to make your residency as comfortable as possible. Here is some information which we hope will help.

Checks should be made payable to ROWGRO, LLC and mailed to the address below

PO. Box 245
Bow, WA 98232

It is a good idea to write "for deposit only" on the back of your checks. Your first month’s rent and ½ of last month’s rent is due on the first & second months of tenancy, so if your move-in date is later, please mail the rent check. If your check arrives early, we will not deposit it until the first. Late penalties are enforced after the 5th.
- Utilities:
CALL AHEAD! Transfer your power and gas utilities. You can call Puget Sound Energy at 888-225-5773 and Cascade Natural Gas at (360) 733-5980 or to make arrangements. A deposit or reference may be necessary, or you may have the monthly bill deducted automatically from your bank account. Power & gas will be switched off automatically on our account one day after your move-in date, so please make transfer arrangements well ahead of time. Call Comcast at 1-877-824-2288 for cable tv service. Telephone service -- call QWest at 1-800-244 -1111 several weeks prior to move-in (phone jacks are pre-wired to the buildings and in each bedroom and living/kitchen area).
Your mailing address is 92___ 20th St., Apt. # ______, Bellingham WA 98225. The mailboxes are located in the stair alcove of 929 20th.
- Move-In Day Procedures
Contact Inna to schedule your move-in day and time. At least 24 hours notice is required. Please try to appear at your scheduled time to prevent delays that occur when too many people try to do walk-through inspections and unload their belongings simultaneously. We do a walk-through inspection of each unit before you move in and note any existing problems on our detailed form. You will receive a unit key for each resident, and one mailbox key to share.
We need to know your current telephone number, car make and license, so please EMAIL US with that information as soon as you move in.

For general information and operating instructions, read the detailed manual provided in your kitchen drawer. For all other problems, Please call Inna at (360) 920-4537, or email us. Let us know immediately of any water leaks, electrical problems, malfunctioning smoke detectors, and any other problems which could affect your safety or the quality of the unit. In the fall, the manager will schedule a time to ignite the pilot light and show you how to operate the fireplaces. The track lights are difficult to move on the track, please be very gentle as you lift and rotate, or call the manager for assistance.
- Reminders
You are welcome to use the barbeques and picnic tables. Remember that no bbqs are allowed on decks because of the fire hazard. Do please clean up after your meal.
The laundry room is open from 7:00 to 10:30, and is for the use of residents only. Check the filter before and after using the dryer.
Please read the operating manual (in the kitchen drawer) for care & maintenance of your apartment.
Recycling is important to us & the environment – please take a few moments to separate your trash into the correct containers, and flatten cardboard boxes before placing them in the cardboard bin (located in front of 929).
- Changing Roommates
Please note that we rent the entire unit, and the rent for the entire unit is due on the 1st. If a roommate defaults on the rent, the remaining roommates need to pay the full amount. We sometimes have a group of tenants who lose a roommate - if you have such a vacancy, or if you are interested in being a roommate, contact us and we'll put you in touch if anyone has given us their name. However, it is the tenants’ responsibility to find a replacement roommate and to have that new roommate fill out an application form and cosigner's form, obtain approval and sign an amended lease agreement prior to moving in.
If you have graduated (congratulations!), or are heading elsewhere for the summer, here is some information to ensure a smooth departure from Rowan Grove.
move out form - please fill out the address & damage information and give promptly to the manager.

We do not give out any of our residents' information to anyone without prior written authorization, except in the following circumstances:
The post office and utility companies will be given new tenants’ addresses and departing tenants' forwarding addresses (if known to us). Police, medical or fire department personnel will be given your personal and emergency contact information. In the event of serious rules violations leading to possible eviction, your co-signers will be notified. If we receive a faxed or mailed reference request signed by you from your next landlord or employer, we will verify the following information: unit address, lease term, rent amount, # roommates, on-time payment history and condition of unit at departure. Your lease, rental application and cosigners forms are kept in a secure location for three years and are then shredded.

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