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- Does Rowan Grove allow pets?
For the comfort of other residents and to maintain the quality condition of our units, dogs are not allowed. On an individual basis, with prior written permission, an additional deposit and signed pet agreement, we may allow a small pet which is kept caged or in a tank.
- Can we have a dinner party for five guests?
Of course; a quiet gathering with soft music which ends at a reasonable hour and guests who park off-site will not disturb our other residents.
- Does Rowan Grove allow waterbeds?
For ground floor units only, with prior written permission, an additional deposit and proof of renter's insurance, we may allow water beds.
- I just drove up from Seattle and want to see an apartment right now, is that ok?
Sorry, we always give our residents at least twenty four hours notice before showing or entering their homes. We request that you not bother residents or knock on their doors. We may have an open house scheduled soon, or please contact us to arrange a viewing.
- Why can't you promise me a particular unit?
Sometimes we can promise you only a particular type of unit, such as a four bedroom townhouse or one bedroom apartment, but we will make a note of your preference and try to fulfill your wishes.

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